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SGT Gel Hand Sanitizer - 500 ml per Bottle

SGT Gel Hand Sanitizer - 500 ml per Bottle


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Alcohol content 75% (+/- 5%)
Instant hand sanitizing gel
500 ml bottles
Minimum Order: 3 Pack
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Please Note: PPE products are Non-Returnable.

Place enough product in your palm to thoroughly cover your hands. Rub hands together briskly until dry. Children under 6 years of age should be supervised when using this product.

All SGT hand sanitizer is recommended for personal domestic use.

Domestic/personal use antiseptic hand cleansers should be used sparingly and are not a substitute for the use of plain soap and water. Antiseptic skin cleansers should be recommended for use on lightly soiled hands only as a second-line approach or when soap and water are not available

For more information please visit Health Canada for more information.