Benefits Of Folding Electric Wheelchairs


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Manual wheelchairs are troublesome to operate for differently abled and weak people children lack access to the wealth of stimuli afforded self-ambulating children. The lack of exploration and control often produces a cycle of deprivation and reduced motivation that leads to learned helplessness. 

In case of Nepal, till date, electric wheelchairs are imported from abroad and have been time and cost consuming. Also most of them are difficult to pull over the lane or ground while folded.

So, this research was aimed to decrease the height resulting in decrease of overall volume of the wheelchair and uses the local resources available for the complete production. It was expected for ease of transportation and storage through the help of a locking mechanism.

Benefits Of An Appropriate Wheelchair


An active lifestyle has been proven to have both physical and mental health benefits with individuals participating in physical activity shown to have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and several cancers. 

An appropriate wheelchair provides the user the freedom to move around, allowing the user to access day to day physical activity as they push around conducting activities of daily living increasing overall physical activity levels and day to day mobility. It also provides the greatest possible opportunity for independence and do the things they want to do, allowing individuals to move within their home more easily, provides increased comfort and a more active lifestyle.


Difficulty with ambulation, need to frequently lean on someone or hold onto their arm as they walk next to you, decreased balance, fear of falling can all cause individuals to become isolated from friends and family. A wheelchair that is functional, comfortable and can be propelled efficiently can result in increased levels of activity. Independent mobility and increased physical function can reduce dependence on others. 

Thus, wheelchair user's can be more independent and more in control of their own life. Individuals who experience the least discomfort when sitting are often more productive. Users who are able to spend more time in their wheelchair will have more opportunities for participating in day-to-day life along with others in the household, greatly improving their quality of life.


A wheelchair can improve the user's health in many ways. A wheelchair that is functional, comfortable and can be propelled efficiently can result in increased levels of physical activity, thus improving both physical and mental health. A well fitting wheelchair with cushions, combined with adequate user training, can reduce common problems, such as pressure sores, the progression of deformities or contractures, and other secondary conditions associated with poor postures. 

Other benefits, such as improved respiration and digestion, increased head, trunk and upper extremity control and overall stability, can be achieved with proper postural support. Maintenance of health is an important factor in measuring quality of life. These factors combined serve to increase access to opportunities for education, employment and participation within the family and the community.

Self-Esteem & Self Confidence

Self-esteem is described as a general evaluation of one’s self-concept or sense of personal worth and adequacy with high self-esteem linked to many positive health outcomes in persons with a disability including reduced depression and higher life satisfaction and well-being. Wheelchairs have been shown to have a profound influence on quality of life and participation. 

Wheelchair users may become more confident and have more self-esteem when they have a wheelchair, often viewed as an extension of the users body, that fits them and which they can use well, therefore the chair’s weight and dimensions affect the person’s ability to negotiate through the home and in the community. Research has shown that wheelchair users with higher self-esteem displayed increased participation levels independent of gender, age and disability type.

Quality Of Life

With maintenance of health there is increase access to opportunities for education, employment and participation within the family and the community. These factors also contributes in increasing quality of life of wheelchair user.

Access To Community Life

Access to community life including community participation, involving both being active in family and community life with engagement in typical roles and responsibilities in society plays a key role in the health and well-being of wheelchair users and has been shown to be a key factor in preventing health deterioration in individuals with spinal cord injury. Being able to access the community, move outside the home is important for social participation and engagement and many positive health indicators as well. 

Having an appropriate wheelchair improves access to the community and enables wheelchairs users to be more involved in community life i.e. it enables the user to go to the work or school, visit friends, attend places of worship or other community activities. Additionally, appropriate wheelchairs influence individual autonomy because they facilitate both mobility and activities of daily living both in the home and in the community. 


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