How Do Manual And Transport Wheelchairs Differ From Each Other?


Manual and Transport Wheelchairs have their own specification and worth. Their utilization depends on the requirement where comfort is given priority.

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Ambulation devices are widely available, but choosing the right one - especially as a first-time user - can be overwhelming. There are several different options with various features that can significantly impact accessibility, utility, and comfort.

Wheelchairs and transport chairs both are designed to help increase mobility and convenience for elderly and disabled individuals. Knowing the differences between the two and considering the needs of the user will aid in the decision to choose one over the other.

To ensure choosing the best wheelchair or transport chair, we’ve created a guide to help you determine which mobility aid is right for you!

Transport Wheelchairs Vs. Manual Wheelchairs: What Are The Differences?

A transport wheelchair is designed for caregivers to push, while manual wheelchairs are designed for the person in the chair to navigate themselves. Transport wheelchairs have four small wheels, while manual wheelchairs have 2 smaller wheels in front and 2 larger wheels in the back. The smaller front wheels give the chair a good turning radius, while the larger wheels in the back provide the propulsion necessary to push yourself while sitting in the chair.

So, which is the best option for you? That depends on personal mobility and if you or a caregiver typically pushes your chair. Transport wheelchairs, also known as travel chairs, are the most common type of chair found in hospitals today.

The Biggest Differences Between Manual And Transport Chairs Include:

  1. Transport chairs have 4 small tires, while manual chairs have 2 small front tires and 2 larger rear tires.
  2. Transport wheelchairs are lighter and narrower for easier navigation between tight spaces.
  3. Travel wheelchairs are easier to transport.

Transport Wheelchairs Are Lighter & Narrower

Transport chairs are designed to be lightweight so that it’s easy for caretakers to push them without expending a lot of energy. They are also easier to fold up and stick in the back of your car when traveling, or in a closet when not in use. Models tend to be narrower width-wise so they are easier to maneuver through tight hallways or doorways. As transport wheelchairs are commonly used indoors.


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