How to buy the Best Lift Chair

Buy the best lift chair

A lift chair is a recliner that helps users get up from sitting and sit back down safely using a powered mechanism. Users can get lifted to a position where they can easily stand up by pressing a button. Similarly, they can use the remote to get into reclining positions.

Lift chairs also offer reclining positions, which have health benefits. Lift chairs are sometimes called recline chairs. Please note that while all the chairs can recline, they vary in the degree of reclination they offer.

People recovering from an injury can find getting up and sitting down independently challenging. Seniors or individuals with mobility issues may find it difficult or sometimes impossible to use a chair unattended safely. A lift chair can be of exceptional assistance in their recovery process or daily life. Additionally, it can support your body and reduce the stress on your strain. It is vital if you spend a lot of time lying down. Moving even when resting can help improve swelling (edema), boost blood circulation, and avoid bed sores. 

Here you can learn about the types and benefits of lift chairs. Ultimately, we'll also give you tips for purchasing the best lift chair. 

Benefits of Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are recliners that are helpful in various ways. You can extensively customize them to achieve the most comfortable and healthy position. They can let you sit comfortably, take a good nap by reclining fully, or anywhere between. In base models, the number of positions in between can be limited, while more advanced models like Ezee Life Neptune or Saturn can let you rest in any position. Let us look at what a lift chair can do. 

Lift chairs are fine pieces of furniture that add elegance to your house. You need not worry if you are ever concerned about lift chairs standing out like medical equipment. It has the functionalities of a regular recliner - a raisable leg rest and inclines the backrest down. It means you can lay back and have a premium lounging experience. Additionally, it can lift the whole chair and tilts us forward for ease of getting up and down. Different types of lift chairs have different abilities in this segment. 

Some chairs allow for elevating the leg higher than the headrest position. This position is called the Trendelenburg position. It is advisable for individuals with swelling in their legs for better blood circulation. All lift chairs have a handy remote that controls all the functions and movements. Lift chairs are plugged into the wall and are electric-powered. Chairs like Ezee Life Saturn even offer trays and cupholders for convenience. 

Owning a lift chair offers numerous benefits beyond what meets the eye. 

  • Reduce the Risk of Injury: Elderly and individuals with limited mobility can get up and down much safer with a lift chair. It also reduces the stress on the person assisting the individual. Folks with weakened muscles sometimes face pressure fractures when they fall onto the chair quickly while sitting. Even when another person is helping them get up, there stands a chance of muscle strain. Furthermore, lift chairs provide essential support for individuals with higher weight considerations and their attendants. 
  • Maintain Independence: People with limited mobility can use the lift chair to reduce dependence on others. Elderly individuals with limited mobility and ones who are dealing with the challenges of morbid obesity can benefit from having a lift chair. Having more independence will reduce the chances of anxiety and depression often linked with such conditions. Cheaper single-motor lift chain options like Ezee Life Asteroid means that everyone has access to more independence. 
  • Help in Recovery: Folks recovering from an injury or resting after surgery can find sitting and standing a challenge. Having lift chairs can improve their daily life. They support the whole body helping you heal. Some chairs even offer therapeutic benefits. 
  • Comfortable Naps: As lift chairs are customizable, you can tune them to your liking and sleep comfortably. More importantly, it will support your spine and back appropriately, helping individuals with health issues. Doctors often recommend lifting chairs to people with arthritis, lung conditions, back problems, and other health ailments. Some models, like Ezee Life Mercury, even offer massage and heating options. 

How to purchase the best Lift Chair

When you decide to purchase a lift chair, getting one that is perfect for you and lasts you for a long time is crucial. If you spend most of your time on a couch and require assistance getting in and out of it, you will benefit from a lift chair. If you find it difficult to go upstairs to the bedroom, a lift chair will allow you to nap during the daytime. Here are some factors about lift chairs to keep in mind. 

Lift Chair and its types

Knowing the types of lift chairs is essential in making the right purchase. All kinds of lift chairs can lift a person to a position where their feet are on the floor to help them stand. However, according to the backrest configuration, there are generally three types of lift chairs: Two-position, three-position, and infinite-position lift chairs.

Two-position chairs can recline only to a 45º angle and are perfect for people who only wish to watch television or read magazines on the chair. See the El Ran Quick Ship L0072 two-position chair at our shop.

Three-position chairs can recline to an almost flat position. Even though it won’t be as flat as a bed, they are comfortable enough to nap on. These chairs are also able to stop anywhere in between. 

Infinite-position chairs can flatten out entirely. They are also called zero-gravity or full recline chairs. Some models offer The Trendelenburg position, where the feet get lifted above the headrest level. It helps improve blood circulation and reduce pressure from the lower back. Check out our Triton Zero-Gravity Chair, which offers the Trendelenburg position.

  • Size and Weight Capacity

A proper fit is crucial when using a lift chair. A chair too tall will make it difficult for your feet to touch the floor in the lifted position. If the chair is too short, it will not be comfortable and strain your lower back. Make sure to refer to the height range of the chair you purchase. Check out the Ezee Life Atlas Bariatric for a large seat and a higher weight capacity of 462 lbs. 

  • Footprint

Make sure that the recliner can fit in your house. When measuring, consider the space the chair will occupy during the fully reclined position. There must be space in front of the chair to extend the footrest and when the chair inclines forward to let the user stand up. Adequate space behind the chair is necessary to allow for full reclination.

  • Material

While it's important to consider our aesthetic choices, we must also address practical concerns. Even though leather might be easier to clean, it won't be comfortable for someone who sweats a lot. Leather can also be slippery in the lifted position, making it unsafe for everyone. For incontinent users, try Ezee Life’s Mars Lift Chair, which features easily cleanable upholstery. 

Extra Features

Consider features like cupholders or trays if that is something you will find convenient. You can consider therapeutic functions such as the Trendelenburg position, heating, or massage functions according to your specific needs. Chairs like Geri Position Recliner and Ezee Life Earth are equipped with caster wheels, making it easier to transport both the chair and the person seated. Some chairs, like Ezee Life Europa, even offer built-in batteries for people in areas prone to power outages.
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Wrapping up

Lift chairs can be a life-changing purchase for many people. Users who have purchased a lift chair have found themselves depending on their family members much less and can’t imagine living without it.

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