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A*Com Commercial Modular Ramp Kits (with turns)

A*Com Commercial Modular Ramp Kits (with turns)


Ramp Length :
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The A*COM SYSTEM has been developed to meet the more stringent code demands of IBC and Local building codes. It is fully customizable, and can be configured to meet other specialized demands as required. The simple, modular design ensures easy setup and the ability to reconfigure and relocate the system.Modular wheelchair ramps are the perfect solution for accessing porches and decks when permanent ramps aren't wanted. Modular ramps can be modified for different locations and can be assembled using a few tools found in most households.
Modular Ramps are special order items and are not returnable. For situations where the quality of materials or workmanship is in question we will be happy to work with you and the manufacturer to find a solution. The manufacturer has final say on all warranty claims.
5' length: $2,434.00Additional charges for longer lengths or different configurations.
Many factors affect the pricing of Modular ramp systems including exchange rate on the dollar, shipping charges, factory pricing, configuration modifications and any customization needed. The prices here are estimates only and intended to give customers and rough idea of the product cost. Prices charged are based on quotations from the factory once the layout and requirements are confirmed.
Acom Modular Ramps have a delivery time of 2 to 5 weeks on average. A closer estimate of time will be available at time of quotation
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Product Information

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A*Com Modular Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps  are built to order and a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks are normally required form date of order. During particularly busy times additional time may be required.
A*Com Modular wheelchair ramp systems are designed to meet a wide range of accessibility and building codes. The length required must be at least 1 foot long for every 1 inch of rise. All installed ramps with more than a 6 inch height require railings on both sides for safety. Thirty-eight inch picket railings for ramps and forty-two inch guardrails for platforms are included in our kits.
Ramp lengths will be a combination of 4', 5' 6' 8' and 10' ramp sections. If required, specific lengths can be ordered instead of the standard (eg; 2 x 4' sections instead of 1 x 8' section).
Top landings, of some type, are always required. They can be existing decks or porches, new build decks or porches or new aluminum top landings purchased with your ramp. Top landings include 42" guard rails.
Landing steps are designed to be used with our aluminum top landings only and can be added to allow direct access for those who don't require a ramp. They include 42" guard rails with 36" grip rails.
All needed hardware needed for assembly is included with components. Products needed for site preparation, if needed, are not included.
Modular ramp systems are not returnable. For situations where the quality of materials or workmanship is in question we will be happy to work with you and the manufacturer to find a solution. The manufacturer has final say on all warranty claims.
Please be advised that purchasers of Commercial wheelchair ramps should always contact their local building departments to ensure the ramp will be acceptable and required regulations are met. Ramps cannot be returned due to rejection by building inspectors. Download Ramp Specifications and Ramp Installation Information.
railing images

Layout Suggestions

Modular ramps offer the possibility of a multitude of component configurations. Below is a page offering a variety of more common configurations in a PDF file. To the right is an Image for viewing online (click on the image to enlarge).
Download layout suggestions in PDF.

Ramp Length Calculator


Rise (in inches):
(Vertical difference between the bottom level and top level)
Minimum Required Modular Ramp Length
(1:12 slope, results in feet)
Suitable for wheelchair, scooter and walker users)
Minimum Occupied Portable Ramp Length
(2:12 slope, results in feet):
(Wheelchair/scooter user is sitting in seat)
Minimum Unoccupied Portable Ramp Length
(3:12 slope, results in feet):
(Wheelchair/scooter user is NOT sitting in seat)

Ramp Safety

  1. Regularly check your ramp for worn, loose, or damaged parts. If you find any of these conditions DO NOT USE THE RAMP. Contact your Dealer for repairs. Failure to do so may cause severe injury!
  2. The surface of the ramp may become slippery in icy or wet conditions. Caution should be used when using the ramp.
  3. Keep the ramp surface free of dirt and debris.
  4. Always check the chair or scooter for the manufacturer's recommended degree of incline. Do not use ramps that are steeper than recommended.
  5. Do not add to or modify any part of the ramp. Doing so may void your warranty.
  6. Do not use the ramp for purposes other than those it was designed for.

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AlumiRamp, Inc. warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for 10 (ten) years from the date of purchase. This covers all aluminum and fasteners. Straps, bungees, and non skid tape are expected to show wear even under normal use and are not covered under this warranty. Defective units will be repaired or replaced, at our option, and returned to the original purchaser freight paid, provided the ramp is sent freight prepaid to us along with proof of purchase. This warranty is void in case of abuse, improper use, incorrect assembly, overloading, or neglected maintenance of the product.

In no event shall AlumiRamp, Inc., be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages or injuries, or for any loss, damage, or injury resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrence which this product is represented to avoid.

This warranty is in lieu of all other guarantees either expressed or implied and is valid only in the United States and Canada. In some States, limitation on the length of the warranty period is prohibited. This warranty recognizes any and all rights you may have under appropriate State law.

If warranty work is required, contact the dealer or place of original purchase. AlumiRamp, Inc. will then be contacted and a return authorization form will be filled out and an authorization number assigned by the factory. No product is to be returned to the factory without proper authorization.

Upon receipt, AlumiRamp, Inc. will assess the problem and determine the proper course of action. If warranty work is required, the product will be repaired or replaced and returned as outlined above.

AlumiRamp, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any warranty work on product that shows obvious abuse or use other than what the product was originally designed for.

Please check the instruction manual for maintenance and safety information concerning the proper care and use of the ramps.



  • complies with: IBC, NBC, CABO, OSHA, Florida SREF, Texas TAS , ANSI, ADA
  • 10 year warranty
  • non-combustible
  • heavy duty welded aluminum construction
  • bidirectional knurled tread forms a rugged skid resistant surface
  • non-combustible
  • 3 handrail options: 42" guardrail, 38" handrail, 38" 2 line rail
  • special manufacturing to meet needs beyond the modular system


Model Length Maximum Rise* Width Capacity
COM01 5' 5" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM02 6' 6" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM03 8' 8" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM04 10' 10" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM05 12' 12" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM06 14' 14" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM07 16' 16" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM08 18' 18" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM09 20' 20" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM10 22' 22" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM11 24' 24" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM12 26' 26" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM13 28' 28" 48" 100 lbs/ft2
COM14 30' 30" 48" 100 lbs/ft2

Click here to download detailed specifications.

For sizes or configurations not available in our standard kits please contact us for a quotation.