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Massage Therapy

Seat, Back & Neck Massage Cushion

Seat, Back & Neck Massage Cushion


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Your Portable Massager in a box!
Sit back and relax as the rotating rollers massage your head, neck and back. The remote control allows you to customize your massage with optional heat, intensity that allows you to emphasize specific areas for a
precision massage; or simply use the pre-set modes.
Your personal massager will allow you to get a personal custom massage at home, the office or anywhere you may travel.
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  • Two Auto Modes
  • Controllable Heat Function
  • Choice of Massage Areas
  • Fine Positioning Adjustments
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • 15 Minute Timer

Five Modes

  • Rocking
  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Rocking
  • Shiatsu

The Massage Seat Cushion can massage the neck, back and waist. The double motors vibration on seat will relax muscles, promote metabolism and ease muscle ache. The kneading massage head imitates people's hands to massage most of the back area and can effectively massage your vertebra, upper and lower back and seat with a combination of vibration and kneading.
The Massage Seat Cushion is suitable for office, home and many other locations.
CH3990 Massage Seat Controller


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  1. The neck can be adjusted vertically to adjust for different user heights.
  2. Effectively deep shiatsu massage for the neck and back.
  3. Two massage rollers on the back, provide back kneading & massage therapy.
  4. The two massage rollers can be adjusted while in use.
  5. The roller can be located to your favorite position while in use.
  6. Vibration massage function in the seat.
  7. Heat therapy can promote blood circulation.
  8. Easy to operate controller.