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Flashlight Cane

Flashlight Cane


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CH2048 - Non- FoldingThe EZee Life™ Flashlight cane is available with five height adjustments.Additionally the flashlight cane offers features such as adjustable angle flashlight, hazard warning light, emergency siren and has a 250 lb. (113 kgs) weight capacity.
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Flashlight Cane Information

Intended Use

A Flashlight Cane provides support to the user during the task of walking. It is
particularly useful for individuals who have limited balance or pain when walking.
Canes can be used both indoor and outdoor, however one should
always be aware of rough, wet, slippery and/or uneven surfaces.
The cane is not suitable for mountain climbing or on rough terrain (large
Individuals who have concerns of weak/painful arm or wrist function
and/or visual impairments for example should reconsider the use of a cane and consult a professional for advice before using.
Using a cane improperly could worsen pre-­‐existing conditions.

Recommended User Heights*

Non-folding cane 76.2 - 99 cm (30” to 39”) - Average user height 1.5 m to 2 m (4' 10" to 6' 6")
*Recommended user heights are estimates only. Body proportions differ between people and these differences will affect the functional user height of the cane.
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  • Adjustable angle flashlight
  • Hazards warning light
  • Emergency siren
  • Comfortable leather like handle
  • On/off light switch
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs (113 kgs)
  • Colour: Black, Red, Blue or Purple
  • Five level adjustments suited to almost all heights