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Massage Chair

Full Body 4D Massage Chair - CH4000

Full Body 4D Massage Chair - CH4000


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The CH4000 is a full body massage chair designed with the all new smart 4D soft massage process that incorporates rollers mounted on a four dimensional curved rail that realizes individual body curves and adjusts to provide the ultimate massage experience.Brand New 4D Massage Technology!
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This chair comes with a full warranty but may not be shipped in the original box.
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Full Body Massage Chair

White Glove Service Areas

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Optional White Glove Delivery

Choose our optional white glove delivery for within the GTA and our staff will personally deliver your chair, unpack it, set it up, give instruction on how to use it and remove packing debris.
For those outside the GTA we offer Extended White Glove Service within a limited area.
White glove service is only available in the Greater Toronto Area and the EXtended Service area. When white glove service is chosen our service staff will contact you to make delivery arrangements.

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4D Massage:

  • Four Dimensional ultra-long curved rail that realizes individual body curves and adjusts for maximum massage experience
  • Multi-angle all round intelligent massage
  • Focus on buttock massage
  • Multiple Massage Types

Full Body Air Bag Massage:

  • Holographic feel
  • Delicate and soft air pressure massage
  • Unique simulation palm airbag technique
  • Progressive multi-layer air bags (superior, weak to strong, deep massage)
  • Massages shoulders, waist, calves and feet

Accupoint and Pulse Tracking:

  • Based on Chinese Traditional Medicine massage theory
  • Detects accurate range of neck, shoulders, back, waist, legs and buttock
  • Provides a more accurate and deeper massage
  • Adjusts massage point for users with different height, automated shoulder adjustment on startup

Micro Space Sliding Design

  • Chair slides forward 30 cm when activated to clear walls
  • Provides 35º of tilt during use
  • Saves space in room
  • Requires only 8 cm between wall and back
  • Returns to neutral position with the push of a button

Tablet/Smartphone Controllable:

  • Downloadable APP available smart phones and tablets
  • Allows settings to be adjusted by smartphone/tablet
  • Bluetooth
  • Built in high quality speakers
  • Use default music or your own by Bluetooth
  • Smartphones & Tablets not included
  • Model: CH4000
  • Input Voltage: 120V AC, 60 hz (also 220V AC and 240V AC 50hz)
  • Power Usage: 280 W

  • NW/GW: Main Body - 115/137 kg
  • NW/GW: Armrest – 15.5/19.5 kg
  • NW/GW: Leg/Footrest – 13/24.5 kg

  • Packing size: Main Body – 1520 x 795 x 970 mm
  • Packing size: Armrest – 980 x 395 x 715 mm
  • Packing size: Leg/Footrest – 585 x 515 x 620 mm