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Lift Chair

Geri Position Recliner

Geri Position Recliner


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"Upgrade your comfort game with our PB6074BL Geri Position Recliner, complete with Actimove Dual Knee Strap Adjustable. Featuring a three-position recline, flame-retardant upholstery, and a host of other user-friendly features, this chair is the epitome of both comfort and safety."
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Rediscover comfort with the PB6074BL Geri Position Recliner, a marvel of modern engineering combined with Actimove Dual Knee Strap Adjustable technology. This chair is not just a seat but a haven of relaxation and ease, designed to provide unmatched comfort and flexibility.
Superior Design & Build:
Constructed to offer a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs, our chair meets the strict California Technical Bulletin 117 standards for flame retardance. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty for chair components and a 1-year warranty for upholstery and gas spring recline cylinder, giving you peace of mind.
Three-Position Recline:
Choose from three comfortable positions—upright, reclining, or fully flat. The chair's overall dimensions adapt to your needs, ensuring you are always in your comfort zone.
Advanced Actimove Dual Knee Strap Adjustable:
Tailor your leg support with the advanced Actimove Dual Knee Strap technology, designed to give you an extra layer of support where you need it most.
Maximum User Comfort:
- **Hide-Away Footrest**: A footrest that can be hidden away to make standing easier.
- **Vinyl Padding**: Specially designed to minimize 'bottoming out' and improve overall comfort.
- **Adjustable Height Settings**: Choose the height that suits you best.
Safety First:
- **Rust-Resistant Rear Locking Caster Forks**: Keeping the chair both mobile and secure.
- **Flame Retardant Upholstery**: Compliant with California safety regulations.
- **Prop 65 and CARB Marked**: Meeting stringent environmental and health standards.
Easy Maintenance and Storage:
- **Easy-Clean Side Panels**: Snap-on panels that require no tools.
- **5-Position Molded Trays with Overlap**: Built-in side storage and high lip for easy usability.
Additional Features:
The chair's seat angles range from 13° to 38°, and back angles from 28° to 54°, ensuring you can find your perfect comfort setting.
- Overall Height: 47"
- Overall Width: 24"
- Overall Depth (Upright): 40"
- Overall Depth (Reclined): 76"
- Seat Width: 19"
- Seat Depth: 19.5"
- Product Weight: 73 lbs
Invest in a chair that evolves with your comfort needs. The PB6074BL Geri Position Recliner is where innovation meets relaxation.
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Hide-Away Footrest

The hide-away footrest feature allows the user to fold it completely below the chair, providing ease and comfort while getting up from a seated position.

Vinyl Padding

The vinyl padding on the seat and back of the chair is designed to minimize the effect of bottoming out, providing maximum comfort for the user.

Adjustable Height Settings

The adjustable height settings of the chair enable the user to adjust the chair according to their needs, making it a versatile and customizable seating option.

Rust-Resistant Caster Forks

The rust-resistant rear locking caster forks on the chair ensure that the chair stays functional and secure, even after extended periods of use.

Easy-Clean Side Panels

The easy-clean, blow-molded side panels on the chair are designed to be fastened without any tools, providing convenience and ease of use for the user.

5 Position Molded Trays

The chair comes with 5 position, locking molded trays that can be easily slid on and off with built-in side storage, making it easy to store items when not in use.

Overlap Tray

The overlap tray on the chair is both convenient and user-friendly, featuring a high lip and tabs that allow for easy movement and usability.

Articulating Headrest

The articulating headrest on the chair ensures that the user stays within the social field of vision, providing comfort and convenience.

Flame Retardant Upholstery

The flame retardant upholstery of the chair meets California Technical Bulletin 117, ensuring that it is safe and compliant with fire safety regulations.

Prop 65 and CARB Marked

The chair is marked for sale in California under Prop 65 and CARB, indicating that it meets strict environmental and health standards set forth by the state.

Limited Warranty

The chair comes with a limited warranty, covering the chair components for three years and the upholstery and gas spring recline cylinder for one year. This ensures that the user is protected in the event of any defects or issues with the chair.

Overall Height 47"
Overall Width 24"
Overall Depth Upright 40"
Overall Depth Recline 76"
Seat Width 19"
Seat Depth 19.5"
Seat-to-Back Height 32"
Seat-to-Floor Height 21.5"
Seat Angle Range 13° â_x001A__x001A_ 38°
Back Angle Range 28° â_x001A__x001A_ 54°
Tray Size 25.5" L x 15" D
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Product Weight 73 lbs
Shipping Weight 86 lbs
HCPCS* E1031
*HCPS: Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System