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Leukomed - Non-Woven Island Dressing Sterile

Leukomed - Non-Woven Island Dressing Sterile


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Leukomed adhesive dressing is composed of an acrylic adhesive and non-woven substrate with a highly absorbent wound pad for secreting wounds. The latex-free adhesive enables easy removal, and the non-adherent layer prevents adhesion to the wound.
Rounded edges prevent dressing from curling up
Breathable, good absorption capacity
Non-adherent wound pad doesn’t stick to wound
Skin friendly acrylic adhesive, Sterile, Latex Free
5 Bandages per box
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Latex-Free Leukomed Adhesive Dressing For Secreting Wounds

Sizes Available

7238007 7.2 cm x 5 cm
7238008 8 cm x 10 cm
7238009 8 cm x 15 cm
7238010 10 cm x 20 cm
7238011 10 cm x 25 cm
7238012 10 cm x 30 cm
7238013 10 cm x 35 cm

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