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Manual Wheelchair

Economy Wheelchair - 16" or 18" - CH1090

Economy Wheelchair - 16" or 18" - CH1090


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Elevate your mobility with the EZee Life CH1090 Economy Wheelchair. Available in 16" or 18" seat widths, this steel wheelchair comes complete with padded armrests, adjustable footrests, and a secure seat belt. Its durable frame and large rear wheels provide unmatched stability and maneuverability.
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The EZee Life CH1090 Economy Electric Wheelchair is engineered to offer superior comfort and mobility for individuals facing mobility issues. Fabricated from high-strength aluminum, its durable steel frame supports users safely and comfortably. Choose from two seat sizes—16" or 18"—to ensure a custom fit.
This wheelchair boasts premium comfort features such as padded armrests, an ergonomic backrest, and a breathable seat cushion designed to alleviate pressure points. Its adjustable footrests contribute to optimal user comfort.
Navigating through various terrains is a breeze thanks to its robust 8" front casters and 24" rear wheels equipped with push rims. These large wheels ensure smooth mobility, allowing both the user and caregiver to operate the chair with ease.
Safety comes standard with the EZee Life CH1090. The rear-wheel locking system and seat belt ensure a secure experience, whether you're sitting or transitioning to a standing position.
In summary, the EZee Life CH1090 Economy Wheelchair combines functionality, comfort, and safety in one versatile mobility solution. It's easy-to-use and adjustable, making it an ideal option for people with a range of mobility challenges.
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  • Folding frame
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Economical price
  • Choice of seat width
  • Maintenance free wheels
  • Solid flat free tires

Wheelchair Sizing

Choosing the right size wheelchair is important to the comfort and functionality of the wheelchair user. Wheelchairs are generally sized by seat dimensions. When a wheelchair is described as an 18" wheelchair it will have an 18" seat width.

If the wheelchair is too wide the user will have difficulty propelling the wheelchair and manoeuvrings through tight areas may be impossible. If the wheelchair is too narrow the user's outer thighs will be pushed against the armrests of the wheelchair causing discomfort and in extreme cases skin breakdown.

Determining the Correct Wheelchair Seat Width

The first step in determining the needed seat width for a user is to measure the width of their hips, at their widest point, while they are sitting.

The general rule of thumb is to add 2" to the user's width to determine the wheelchair seat size. However, if the user will not normally be going out wearing a heavy coat this added 2" may not be needed. Ideally, the seat width of the wheelchair should be as narrow as possible without causing pressure on the user's hips.

Wheelchairs are manufactured in 2" increments of seat width (14", 16", 18", etc.) with 16" being considered a narrow adult size and 18" being a normal seat width. Odd sizes (15", 17", 19", etc) are available in the much higher priced custom wheelchairs.

Seating Specifications

Seat Width:16” or 18”
Seat Depth:15 1/2"
Seat Height:19 1/2”
Back Height:15 1/2"
Arm Height:10 1/2"
Arm Length:15"
Foot Rest Length:8-9"
Footrest Hanger Angle:60 degree

Wheelchair Specifications

Wheel Size:24”
Caster Size:8”
Tire Type:Solid
Upholstery Type:PVC Vinyl
Weight Capacity:300 pounds
Frame Material:Steel
Weight of Chair:34 lbs
Weight of Footrests:3.2 lbs
Overall Height:35 1/2"
Overall Width:25 1/2"
Overall Length:Without footrest - 31"
With Footrest - 41"
Footrest Extended - 43"

Shipping Details

Box Size:31" x 11" x 36"
Weight in box:42 lbs