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underwear (Pull ups)

TENA® Unisex Underwear - Plus-X-Large-case (4 packages)

TENA® Unisex Underwear - Plus-X-Large-case (4 packages)


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Designed for both men and women, for full coverage and extra security. Body-Close Fit™ design moves with the body for more comfort and greater wearer dignity.
Now has additional Leg elastics for improved security against leaks.
IMPROVED WAIST ELASTIC Improved waist elastic for a smoother, more discrete fit. Allows pants to pull on and off just like underwear.
Patented BODY-CLOSE FIT™ Technology uses more* elastic threads throughout the pant for greater discretion and worry free security.
Effective Leakage Protection
Soft, cloth-like material feels as comfortable as underwear.
Tear away sides for easy, convenient removal.
Sizing letters for correct product selection and application.
TENA® Plus Protective Underwear NOW with ConfioAir™ 100% Breathable Technology allows humidity to evaporate to maintain skin natural moisture balance.
For moderate to heavy bladder leakage protection
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Size Order # Waist/Hip Pcs / Case Pkgs / Case
Medium 72632 86-112 cm (34-44”) 80 4
Large 72633 114-147 cm (45-58”) 72 4
X-Large 72634 140-168 cm (55-66”) 56 4