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"X" Frame Rollator - CH3011/3012/3013

"X" Frame Rollator - CH3011/3012/3013


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The X-Frame Rollator Walker from HPU Rehab is a lightweight and versatile mobility aid with an innovative X-shaped design for stability and support. It features four large wheels, adjustable handlebars, a padded seat and backrest, a storage pouch, ergonomic handgrips, and loop-style brakes. The rollator folds quickly and easily for storage and transport and has a built-in stand for upright storage. It is suitable for individuals who need assistance with walking and balance and provides them with a convenient and versatile solution to their mobility needs.
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The X-Frame Medical Adjustable Height Rollator Walker from HPU Rehab is a lightweight and versatile mobility aid designed to assist individuals with walking and balance issues. It features an aluminum frame with an innovative X-shaped design that provides excellent stability and support.
The rollator has four large wheels that provide smooth maneuverability on various surfaces, including outdoor terrains. The front wheels swivel for added maneuverability, while the rear wheels have a locking mechanism to prevent rolling backward. The handlebars are adjustable in height, making it suitable for individuals of different heights.
The rollator also has a padded seat and backrest for comfortable sitting, as well as a storage pouch for personal items. The ergonomic handgrips provide a comfortable grip and minimize hand fatigue, while the loop-style brakes can be easily activated for safety and control.
One unique feature of the X-Frame Rollator Walker is its compact design. It folds easily and quickly, making it ideal for storage and transport. The rollator also has a built-in stand, allowing it to be stored upright when not in use, minimizing the storage footprint.
Overall, the X-Frame Rollator Walker is an excellent mobility aid for individuals who need assistance with walking and balance, providing them with a versatile and convenient solution to their mobility needs.

Medical Adjustable Height Rollator Walker Adjustment Guide

Rollator walkers are height adjustable to allow the user to be able to adjust the handle height to meet their needs. Because people are of different shapes and have different postures some minor variations will occur as to the proper height when based on the user's overall height.
When the handle height of the walker is adjusted properly, the user can stand with a normal posture while wearing the footwear they most commonly wear.
Adjusting the rollator walker height is easily done without the need of tools. There will be a knob where the handles meet the frame of the walker which when loosened and removed will allow the handles to be raised and lowered. The seat height of the rollator walker will usually be fixed at a certain height and not adjustable.
While the user is standing with their arms hanging limply at their sides, the distance from the inside of their wrist (where a snug watchband would normally be) to the floor should be equal to the top of the walker handles to the floor.

Using a Walker

The using of a rollator walker involves simply pushing the walker ahead of oneself while walking.
Care must be taken when negotiating ramps to prevent the rollator walker from moving too quickly on a downward slope. Light use of the hand brakes on ramps to slow the rollator will help control the walker and prevent accidents.
Rollators are designed with seats to provide a place to sit and rest as needed. These seats are not intended to be used to sit on while caregivers or helpers push the user around.
Most rollators are also equipped with hand brakes that work similarly to those on a bicycle with the exception that they will usually be able to lock the wheels. It is important that the user locks the wheels before sitting on the seat for safety.

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User Height Range 5' 2” to 6'
Seat Width 18 1/2"
Seat Depth 10"
Seat Height 20.9"
Width Between Handles 18.5"
Overall Width 24”
Handle Height 31.3” to 36.4”
Caster Size 7.9”
Weight Capacity 285 lbs
Frame Material Aluminum
Weight 16.7 lbs
Weight in Box 18 lbs
Box Dimensions 16.5” x 10.6” x 26.7”